Command line interface


The slowdown service can be controlled by a program called slowdown, which is located in the bin dir.

usage: bin/slowdown [-h] [-f FILE] [-u USER] [--home DIRECTORY]
                    [--root DIRECTORY] [--init] [-v | -vv | -q]


-h, --help

Show help message

-f FILE, --file FILE

Config file, the default is /SERVER-HOME/etc/slowdown.conf

-u USER, --user USER

Server will running as the specified user, the default is the current user.


Home folder of the server.


The working directory.


Convert the folder specified by the --home DIRECTORY option to the home folder of the server.


Set debug level to logging.INFO .


Set debug level to logging.DEBUG .


Do not print debug messages.


The default value will be taken from the profile, but shall be overwritten by the command line arguments.


Start server and accept full debug messages:

$ bin/slowdown -vv

Start server as a specified user nobody:

$ sudo bin/slowdown -u nobody

Start server using a specified profile:

$ bin/slowdown -f /PATH/TO/profile.conf